Sustainability Goals and Core Values

Wetton has created Sustainable Development Goals which fall under our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG describes our commitment to operate our business in an ethical way.  This means considering our social, economic and environmental impact throughout our day-to-day business operations. Ensuing we are constantly reviewing innovations and introducing them where they can improve, our service, reduce environmental impact or save monies.  We have developed our systems to measure our performance in each of these areas for each of our clients.


Wetton Green Clean to deliver Net Zero Emissions by 2030.  We report on all aspect of our contracts as it is not just the chemicals that we assess to ensure they are environmentally friendly but also the packaging they come in and how this may be sourced and distributed.  We utilise a range of environmentally friendly machinery, consumables and cleaning materials.  We are members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and are accredited with ISO 14001 and ISO 20121, delivering sustainable events.  We can report how our contract are performing and areas for improvement to help drive continuous improvement throughout the life of a contract.


We look to contribute to the regions in which we work and look to provide investment to the areas and their residents wherever we can.  We provide contract reports to highlight our investments, contributions and added value to help identify our contribution and aid with improvements and monitoring throughout a contract period. 


We believe that our people are our greatest asset, our selection, training, development, treatment and retention policy ensures we provide all the assets our employees need to deliver a quality service while ensuring they are treated fairly, with respect and have the ability to develop and receive support whenever they need it.  Our approach ensures we work ethically and forms part of our service commitment enabling us to offer a long term secure career with real development opportunities.

'Clive Robinson – Operations Director - I am proud to say 85% of our current supervisory team commenced their career as a cleaning operative and 97% of managers had followed the same path'.


With the right trained and motivated people our management teams have the ability to design and deliver unique cleaning service solutions, using the latest quality assessment platforms, tailored to suit the individual needs and expectations of our customers. We provide bespoke and recognised training to our teams to ensure they and the service they deliver provides a safe, clean environment.


This can only be achieved with our employees and the investment into staff training to ensure they understand and are able to deliver the desired output in a safe manner.  Combined with our monitoring programs can demonstrate to our clients that our service has delivered a sanitised and safe environment for their staff and visitors. 


By working in partnership with our customer management teams, we are able to offer a unique service solution, tailored around the specification, customer core objectives and individual expectations of all stakeholders; by fully understanding what is important to our customers business, we deliver an operational platform designed to evidence and demonstrate quality service delivery.  The essence of our company is to provide a quality service and deliver upon what we promise. 

Wetton's growth is organic and this can only be achieved by retaining our client base and we can only achieve this because of the of the service we deliver. 


Wetton is considered one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies operating in the UK. We are committed to 'traditional values' of customer service, service quality and long-term partnerships delivered through modern methods, products and technology.

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