Wetton join forces with the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service

Wetton has specialised in health and hygiene cleaning for decades, and now we’ve stepped up our services to bring a recognised hygiene cleaning standard to everyone.

Wetton has joined forces with the NHS Deep cleaning and Advisory Service to help stop the spread of infection.  We can provide fully trained and accredited cleaning operatives to undertake decontamination cleaning and ensure you are providing an hygienic environment for your site stakeholders.  We can provide certified hygiene standards for day to day cleaning programs as well as one off decontamination cleans.

With approved training, cleaning processes and environmentally friendly chemicals which are 99.9999% effective against pathogens along with our monitoring system, we can clean ensure your site is Cleaned the NHS Way.

Have comfort in the knowledge that Wetton, as an accredited delivery partner, can issue you with an NHS Deep Cleaning Team certificate for your site to confirm that minimum hygiene standards have been met.

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