Many grassroot sport clubs rely heavily on volunteers and therefore may not always have the expertise to deliver a cleaning program that ensures that it has the desired affect against COVID-19.

Wetton have recently been asked to carry out a deep clean to a hockey clubhouse and pray with our sanitising solution which can continue to work for up to 90 days in order to ensure the premises was as safe as possible for the clubs' members and guests.

We advised the club with how best to carry out their cleaning program and provide a monitoring service to ensure they remain COVID Secure.

As part of added value, Wetton carried out a deep clean and the spraying of the barrier chemical to the clubs hockey pitch assets treating, goalposts, sub benches, shelters, spectators seats, entrance touchpoints etc.  This was carried out in addition to the clubs own cleaning program which they had implemented in line with England Hockey guidelines.  The club now has a club house and a hockey pitch that meets an ultra high standard of cleaning. 

We have issued the club with 'Safer Space' Certificates for their clubhouse and pitch so that they can demonstrate to their members and guests that they are keeping them safe.

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