Meet Wetton's 'Pay as we Clean', Targeted Cleaning.


Most companies quote cleaning based on your building size and then deliver the same cleaning hours everyday, regardless of how many staff or visitors attend your site.  Delivering the same number of housekeeping or janitorial hours every day, blindly following a schedule of works irrespective of staff and visitor footfall.  This is Traditional or Territorial Cleaning.

Let us change that and Work Smarter, improving efficiencies, service delivery and saving money.  

Intelligent, Targeted Cleaning - Our intelligent system uses a combination of digital cleaning software and sensors that monitor staff/visitor traffic and consumption levels for washroom products.  Real-time data enables our cleaning teams to work smarter by knowing exactly where and when cleaning is required.  We only clean what we need to, delivering hygienic cleaning services, while providing cost savings and environmental efficiencies.

Let Wetton help you create a safer, more hygienic environment, while reducing costs.

Our 'Pay as we Clean' service helps you improve safety and hygiene with real-time data.  You never pay more than our quote to clean your premises at full occupancy and so with a cost ceiling set, you can now benefit from savings made by targeting resource, based on actual footfall each day.

Clean where and when it’s needed most (providing Value for Money)
- Using people counters to understand traffic flows and occupancy, enabling us to target high-risk, high-touch areas
- Set visitor thresholds to customise cleaning in each area
- Optimise cleaning routines to save time and reallocate staff to tasks like touchpoint cleaning

Ensure Hygiene Compliance
- Use cleaning staff’s time more efficiently to meet heightened cleaning standards
- Easily train staff on new hygiene protocols and monitor cleaning in real-time
- Quickly adapt to urgent needs
- Report on cleaning tasks for proof of service

Make Customers and Staff Feel Safe
- Ensure visitors always have access to proper handwashing and hand drying products
- Promote recognised Hygiene Cleaning Standards with NHS and Safer Space issued certifications

Save money on contract costs
- Reduce housekeeping hours with smarter working
- Reduce daily cleaning hours with data Targeted Cleaning

Added Value
- Wetton staff are trained to 'Clean the NHS Way'
- Display your own logo on NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service Hygiene Posters, leveraging Wetton's Partnership as your contractor

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