In early 2020, COVID-19 was moving fast through the communities and a lockdown had been introduced in late March 2020.  Wetton was contacted by a volunteer working with the NHS to try and help support the setup of a number of COVID-19 pop-up testing sites to help in the fight against this virus.

Pop-up testing sites in Kent where being introduced but a lack of certain PPE items was delaying their initial start date and they were concerned about this potential delay.

Wetton were asked if we had any PPE from bio suits, eyewear, shoe covers, etc. that we could provide to the NHS to prevent a delay in opening these test centres.  We invited NHS personnel operating these pop-up sites to our company storage area to meet our MD who allowed them to take anything they needed.  Wetton had already stocked PPE for bio decontamination cleans in February 2020 in preparation of our own cleaning programs and to protect our own staff who would be cleaning at the premises of our frontline clients.  

The PPE we provided was enough to prevent any delay in the opening of these NHS pop up sites and Wetton became involved in the daily decontamination cleans for the NHS at these sites.

There is a strong sense of community and support for key workers and as a number of our own staff have been working through out lockdown and carrying out decontamination cleans in COVID-19 hotspots we know how important it is that we support the efforts of those individuals that collectively are keeping everyone safe. 

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