The time the nation stood still and were united in their grief for a lady that had given so much for her country.  Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered for her life of unstinting service.

Thousands had waited hours in a queue that stretched for up to 10 miles along the Thames, waiting as long as 24 hours to pay their respects to Her Majesty.  Wristbands were issued to allow people to leave the queue to get food and to go to the toilet.  There were more than 500 portable toilets at various points along the queue being serviced by over 90 of Wetton's cleaning operatives working on a rostered 24 hour period.  The people that came were so kind and considerate of not only those in the queue but to our workforce as they went about their specific jobs. 

On the day of the funeral, world leaders, royalty, diplomats, and celebrities from around the world attended the Abbey which held a 2000 strong congregation.  Outside, hundreds of thousands of people had lined the funeral route, wiping away tears, holding flowers, union jacks, Paddington bears and embracing loved ones as they watched the procession go by, taking the Queen to her final resting place.  Again, Wetton staff were on-hand to support the cleaning services in the parks along the route and for the additional portable washrooms that had been provided.  

A truly remarkable and sombre occasion, attended by those that respected and wanted to show their own appreciation for Her Majesty.  It was the biggest event held since World War Two and organised in a matter of days.

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