Liam Scott who is a 4 year old boy has a rare condition of cancer called high-risk neuroblastoma.

Liam has fought through months of intense chemotherapy which involved constant weekly blood and platelet transfusions due to its intensity.  During his treatment , he suffered numerous infections from the chemotherapy making him continuously neutropenic. These infections kept him in hospital for most of this part of his treatment.

Liam needed to go to America in September 2020 for specialists treatment and needed to raise a total amount of £232,000 to fund his treatment as it is currently unavailable in the UK.  

As lockdown came, fundraising events were cancelled and the means to generate donations had disappeared.  It was at this point, in April 2020, that Wetton's MD Nicola Holmes and her son Charlie Holmes heard of Liam and his fight to survive.

With Nicola very much on the promotional trail to raise the funds needed and her son in the spotlight, the fundraising campaign was generated from their home during lockdown.  Charlie decided he would run live on social media platforms for 140 miles in 14 days and encourage others to run with him and donate.  Other Wetton directors and their family members became involved helping to raise funds and awareness. 

With the social media promotions and live streaming of Charlie running everyday for 14 days they generated close to £200,000 pounds but still shy of of the £232,00 needed.  So they didn't stop there.

Next up in August 2020, Charlie and Liam's dad were to Kayak across the English channel.  Neither had ever been in a Kayak before, let alone together.  With the social media promotions still being driven by Nicola they had reached their target of £232,000 even before they had left France to travel back to Dover. 

Liam made it to New York in October 2020 and is undergoing the necessary treatment he needs to give him the best possible chance to prevent this kids cancer from returning.    

Nicola continues to fight to get this treatment available in the UK.

For more information on Neuroblastoma and to support other children like Liam please go to