Hotel Facility Cleaning Housekeepers, Kitchen Cleans, Event Cleaning

From front of house to kitchen cleans, through to providing staff for events and functions and post cleans, we look to have that downtime covered.  Whether you require our management to oversee the work or just provide staff to support your own teams we can supply these with the use of our in-house staff bank.

The guest experience needs to feel unique, allow us to focus on the detail using our years of experience serving the hotel and casino industry. We have gained a full understanding of the pressures in this highly competitive market. We continually strive to improve cost effectiveness through innovative service solutions. The five star standards required means we continue to provide a quality service through innovative solutions which in turn provides economic savings.

We operate around the clock because you do. We work seamlessly with management teams as a truly integrated service provider.

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Event Cleaning Stadium and Venue Cleaning Services

Currently working in the national stadium Wetton Cleaning can provide full time and temporary staff for events. Our passion for quality and customer care has driven our training and innovation to provide the highest standards without affecting the price.

We compliment the operational infrastructure and branding ensuring thousands of spectators and fans experience safe clean surroundings each and every day.

Dedicated trained personnel offer an unprecedented quality and flexibility of service in this ever demanding customer focused environment.

Wetton Cleaning have experience in working the folllowing events:

  • Football Matches
  • Cup Finals
  • International Matches
  • NFL
  • Rugby
  • Concerts
  • Boxing 
  • Special Events


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Retail Working together to enhance the shopping experience

The retail sector is fast paced and has exacting demands. With this in mind, we ensure we always keep up with our customers and their ever changing needs.

We have become an integral part of our customer’s strategy to attract and offer a truly memorable customer experience by providing high cleaning standards and assisting in ensuring security is upheld through non-intrusive means.

In a demand environment where footfall and spend per visitor is critical we add value by providing trained personnel who are able to offer true customer experience.

Dedicated management with specialist retail experience ensures we fully comprehend the demands required for a dynamic working environment.

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Medical Providing a cleaner, safer environment

Our Healthcare division maintains a clean environment using innovative cleaning methods to ensure infection control is managed to the highest level.

We service, maintain and improve buildings with hygiene and safety standards with the minimum of disruption to the day-to-day provision of healthcare.

We have a full comprehension of the continued pressures placed on the healthcare market, the public scrutiny hospitals are often under and the ever-increasing demands on limited budgets yet we provide safe, clean and comfortable environments for patients, residents and healthcare staff alike.

Invariably, it is our responsibility to provide non-core services; so we provide on-site service solutions that meet Government regulations around health and safety, hygiene and food so that our clients can truly focus on care. Our customer confidence is proven as we take on more critical hygiene projects.

Our staff are meticulously trained to work in all healthcare environments including Hospitals (public and private), Healthcare Centres, Doctor's Surgeries, Clinics, Walk in Centres, Dental Surgeries and more. Always, we deliver excellent service with minimal disturbance to your patients and staff. Whether it's one off or daily cleaning, you can rely on us to fulfil your cleaning and hygiene requirements.

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Local Authority Office, Libraries,Void and Public Convenience Cleaning

Cutting costs does not mean reducing quality

Local Government are beholden to the community it serves and must provide essential services and be transparent and accountable at all times.  Wettons have become a seamless and integrated partner to many, providing consistent quality services.

Today, rationalising cost and providing value for money is an integral part of any overriding strategy yet expectations remain high. Through our working initiatives we provide innovative solutions which are sustainable and look to further engage with the community; for working with government demands a blend of flexibility, versatility and ultimately sensitivity.

From offices, public conveniences civic buildings, courts, libraries to museums and national monuments, we understand the diversity of the issues you face and offer flexibility and management capability to provide excellent value for money and make sure that we satisfy your ultimate customer.

Void Clearance
Wetton provides all aspects of Void Cleaning for councils, housing associations and landlords looking for a complete end of tenancy cleansing solution.

Our expert and dedicated team offer a range of void cleaning services from a comprehensive internal clean and garden tidy to removal of household waste and complete environmental cleaning.

Through our daily operation Wetton can deal with properties that have been left vacant or following a recent eviction, our end of tenancy and void cleaning services allow you to ensure your property is fully cleaned to meet all health and safety regulations and able to be re-allocated or re-let as soon as possible, ensuring a minimal vacant period.

We have a fully dedicated Trauma Scene team, whom specialise in the disposal and clean-up of biological waste.

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School Cleaning School and College Cleaning

Contributing to a positive learning environment

Education stimulates and prepares people for the demands of life and its working environment, equipping individuals with the skills and learning to achieve the desired results.

In this demanding environment, students and teachers alike need safe, clean and increasingly inspirational environments in which to learn. We at Wetton assist in this stimulation by managing the study environment in providing consistently clean, hygienic surroundings and increasing care around the horticultural elements through our ground maintenance division.

Wetton provides grounds and tree maintenance services to all educational establishments from nursery’s and schools to university’s and adult education centres. Our experienced schools teams provide all sports preparation work such as cricket, football, hockey and athletics meeting sports specifications
All our staff are CRB cleared, trained and provide specialist expertise required to clean and maintain the environment and fulfil grounds maintenance demands.

From the outset we look to raise the bar in service standards working in collaboration with the teaching fraternity to establishing a benchmark and provide a non-intrusive but visual service provision.

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Housing Estate Cleaning Estate cleaning and caretaker services

Let us love where you live

When it comes to social housing, Wetton Cleaning Services do more than most. We fully appreciate the importance of working in partnership with residents and landlords to deliver services efficiently and unobtrusively.

Yet invariably, there are strategic aims and long term goals, which is where our management team excels in offering visionary service solutions.

We look to improve tenant engagement through community initiatives and direct involvement stimulating care and ownership of their environment.

We have developed a true integration policy not only of the tenants but through service models that embrace our own capability of providing cleaning and grounds maintenance and go beyond to compliment asset management providing the low skilled tasks so often identified as critical to achieving quality standards.

In providing an integrated approach for our clients we look to eradicate duplication of task or site visits, reducing variation orders and void turnaround times through our dedicated management team being focused on activities that add value.

We look to contribute toward thriving and inclusive communities.

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Office Cleaning Corporate and Commercial Office Cleaning in London and the home counties

Image is everything

With a combination of innovative processes and pioneering customer experience management techniques; we are leading the way in the private sector.

Window CleanerFrom the very inception of Wetton Cleaning Services in 1949 we have provided services to a wide and varied business community. On each every occasion, a bespoke view is taken to evaluate the specification to determine best practice approach. We benchmark standards, reaching agreement with client's quality standards and deliver against robust service level agreements and key performance indicators.

Our management operates from a virtual office environment using the latest technological aides. We have identified and applied systems that allow our management to spend the majority of their time in front of customers and staff alike.

Our teams are constantly cleaning offices in and around the London area at any given time of day.

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