Medical Providing a cleaner, safer environment

Our Healthcare division maintains a clean environment using innovative cleaning methods to ensure infection control is managed to the highest level.

We service, maintain and improve buildings with hygiene and safety standards with the minimum of disruption to the day-to-day provision of healthcare.

We have a full comprehension of the continued pressures placed on the healthcare market, the public scrutiny hospitals are often under and the ever-increasing demands on limited budgets yet we provide safe, clean and comfortable environments for patients, residents and healthcare staff alike.

Invariably, it is our responsibility to provide non-core services; so we provide on-site service solutions that meet Government regulations around health and safety, hygiene and food so that our clients can truly focus on care. Our customer confidence is proven as we take on more critical hygiene projects.

Our staff are meticulously trained to work in all healthcare environments including Hospitals (public and private), Healthcare Centres, Doctor's Surgeries, Clinics, Walk in Centres, Dental Surgeries and more. Always, we deliver excellent service with minimal disturbance to your patients and staff. Whether it's one off or daily cleaning, you can rely on us to fulfil your cleaning and hygiene requirements.

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