{solutions_header_alt_tag} Evolution Flexible evolving solutions

EVOLUTION – is our strategy for developing management systems that are fundamentally reducing overhead costs of our operation, which we are able to impart pass on to our customers.

Through the latest technologies we can improve service and efficiencies embracing ‘e’ technology in such areas as vetting, management of staff absenteeism, wage management by exception, product procurement and a unique training experience.

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{solutions_header_alt_tag} Health & Hygiene Reducing the transfer of germs and viruses

CLEANING FOR HEALTH & HYGIENE - is not just the use of the right equipment, chemicals and machinery to eliminate the germs but to ensure that it is a cleaning rather than polluting process which is occurring as a result of our operative’s activities. In particular with recent cases in the media of potential pandemics in swine flu and bird flu, it has become even more important for facility providers to reduce the impact upon their premises.

Additionally there are a number of others viruses, bacteria and dust borne infections which need to be taken into consideration when developing a solution.  When contaminants and germs are removed through a thorough cleaning programme, then human exposure to the inherent risks are reduced thus improving attendance.

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{solutions_header_alt_tag} Clean Easy Innovation and cost efficiency

Developed by Wetton through our 'Evolution' strategy here we focus on maximising productivity yet ensure standards are sustainable. Performance is measured through the Wetton eQuality system which offers full and detailed management information to prove the desired results are being maintained.

It is complimented by a customer service orientation that focuses on behaviour management of any staff member who is likely to come into contact with your visitors or staff providing a 'five star' customer experience.

We believe our solution will provide the very best opportunity for our clients to achieve their overall aims in service quality provisions, while achieving contract efficiencies.

We are happy to discuss any requirements that you may have and tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

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